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Speak to your Child Speak to your child
It is as important to speak to your child about drugs and alcohol as it is about sex.
Why do kids take drugs? Drugs are in Indian schools: it is not a question of IF your child will be in contact with drugs, but WHEN. And when they are, will they be ready?
FALSE… THE TRUTH IS… What to do if you think your child is taking drugs?
First: Second: Stay calm and discuss the situation without fighting. Listen to what your child is saying without being judgmental. If what they are saying concerns you, express this honestly and without anger or tears.

Explain why you are worried and what your concerns are and tell them how you feel. Negotiate guidelines and let your child be part of the process, by being part of these they are more likely to stick to them.

Be firm, consistent and caring, but show that using drugs is an unacceptable practice that you disapprove.

DOs and DON’Ts

Preventive steps
1. Spend quality time with your child 2. Set a good example 3. Relate to your child’s friends 4. Build refusal skills and teach your child these skills. Some ideas for your children: If the worst happens…

If unfortunately your child is taking drugs, where can you take her/him for treatment and rehabilitation?

There are also a number of de–addiction centres run by NGOs. There are also a number of private doctors and clinics, which offer de–addiction services. Consult your family doctor first. She or he will be able to give you the most practical suggestion.

See our “Where to find help” section.