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Seek advice or consultation from a qualified mental health or drug and alcohol treatment professional regarding an evaluation and intervention for suspected drug use.

Work with a mental health or drug and alcohol treatment professional to establish a crisis intervention plan.

Seek medical advice or consultation if you suspect health problems or if there has not been a recent medical evaluation.

Seek advice and consultation for any mental and emotional problems as well as difficulties that are not covered in the treatment of drug abuse.

Encourage family members and close friends to consult with a treatment professional about the potential involvement in a support group that can provide information, focus on coping, deal with problems and support treatment.

Develop a plan that will minimize and limit arguments and unproductive conflict.

Do not yell, scream or talk to people in an abusive or threatening manner.

Avoid confrontations that are not part of a crisis intervention plan and are not supported by family or close friends.

If there are issues involving abuse or neglect of children, seek advice or further investigation from a crisis intervention specialist or a state human service agency. (Keep records of all relevant contact, conversations, behaviors and especially threats, self–harming or violent behaviors made including dates, times and witnesses.)