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Hi friends!
My name is Madhav

I started drinking at the age of seventeen. Upper middle class upbringing, respect for elders & love for young.

Comparisons did not have a place in our house, my sisters no doubt are brilliant, smart, intelligent & extremely adjustable. I never faced any problems whatsoever, I was a average student, never interested in studies, all the time play, prankster,mama’ s boy, being the youngest very much pampered.

During my college days, as I had taken commerce my group consisted of four-five guys, we used to frequently bunk lectures, drink strong beer & come back to college this was routine, I did not even bother to study during my first semester, as a result I flunked very poorly, in the annuals miserably.

I decided to quit studies & told my dad about it, I was least bothered about my family’s reaction,being snobbish I cared a damn,consequently atmosphere in the house got disturbed. Slowly & steadily my sessions increased, from beer I shifted to RUM with thumps-up. Consumption increased, initially my body was not ready to accept ,I used to puke whenever I used to drink above four pegs. Slowly I started drifting away from my family,my dearest pal, without ever being concerned.

I was getting isolated, self centered, turned introvert, dishonest, to live on my terms. Everyone advised me to study, at least complete my 12th , I flatly refused .At that time I was infatuated by a girl she was two yrs younger to me I proposed to her on couple of occasions but she refused, this bugged me & I got an excuse to pursue my drinking, currently she is in USA, married with one kid & I don’t know where I’am heading.

No goal, no ambition, not on talking terms with my family members, despite living with them, strange it may sound but it is a fact that I agonized my dad whom I love but never showed it. I was never lucky in love I don’t know why? may be alcohol was the reason,I lost confidence,took solace of alcohol to drown myself. At that time it was very depressing, when I used to see friends of my age with their wives & kids it disturbed me a lot.

In the last eleven yrs my boozing increased, due to which I lost around three jobs, where I worked whole heartedly for thirteen yrs combined , simultaneously trust, faith & my identity. I could never imagine myself without alcohol, eventually I was given an ultimatum either get out of the house or get admitted at Muktangan, I opted for the latter.

Destiny has played a pivotal role in my case that option has turned to be quite decisive. Now things have changed dramatically at least , I had to terminate my relation with alcohol & accept the reality. Health wise I’m advised not to as I’ve damaged my liver on couple of occasions.

I got admitted in Muktangan De Addiction center thanks to the efforts & pains taken(financially as well)by my sisters, went through initial jitters but regained my control, found a mature & caring shoulder to lean on in Pethe.

With the help of Dad, my counselor & Madam I am on the road towards recovery.I have to stay normal, my family especially dad & mom have suffered & gone through enough mental trauma. Since three months I am sober, daily routine like prayer, yoga, exercises, work, timely lunch & dinner has helped me in great extent.

Life is really exciting, I can live like a normal human being, my mental process has improved,currently I am under training in a private limited IT firm. My colleagues are just too good very caring, co-operative & above all good humans,about my Boss in one word Fantastic.

I am deeply indebted to everybody, especially George who is simply amazing & awesome. Friends the road to sobriety is curvy but the intense passion, desire & will to succeed should come from within.It’s just the beginning.
Love u all.

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