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Hi friends!
My name is Srinivas

My story is a little bit peculiar from others. I have started consuming alcohol from the year 1985 and my daily consumption started from the year 2006 onwards. I got the job of Manager (Operations) of a private company at Dubai during 2003. I was staying away from my family since 2000 onwards due to my employment. I was doing Forex Trading which is a very highly speculative trading. Only at night time I consume alcohol and simultaneously do the trading. Most of the times my decisions were wrong and under the influence of alcohol I always do the trading on illusionary basis. My character defect of speculative nature clubbed with alcoholism made me to lose more than Rs. 50 lakhs. All my payments were made through credit cards and my liabilities got gradually increased.

At this juncture, I have consulted my brother and informed my problems who in turn consulted one of his close friend and got me admitted to a rehab center at Bangalore. My stay over there made my life miserable and had sleepless nights over there. After staying nearly two and a half months, the police authorities raided the center and released us, otherwise, my stay there would have been indefinite.

It was my sister in law who found about Muktangan on the internet and asked me to go through the site. I was satisfied after seeing the site and informed my brother about joining at Muktangan. The very first day when I came over to Muktangan, I had high BP because of my past experiences at the previous rehab center.

The friendly atmosphere and the pleasant environment made me happy and I never felt that I am staying at a rehab center. The main thing is that I was not at all treated as an accused or a criminal. I was considered as a suffering patient and was properly taken care of. This homely atmosphere really made myself very comfortable and adjust the atmosphere within a day or two.

During my stay of thirty five days I have neither heard any harsh word from any of the staff nor any manhandling at the center which is not at all a common thing in any rehab center.

The main person to remember is the respected Baba. I have never seen a soft natured person like him. His way of talking was really extraordinary. His magnetic eyes and attractive soft voice literally mesmerized me. Particularly the song “Paani sa nirmal ho” in his voice even now is ringing in my mind. A person of such great reputation mingling with everybody is remarkable. Next person is respected Mukta Madam. Her politeness and the way she listens to the inmates is really superb. I had one or two instances to meet her in person to explain about my problems.

All the staff members and counselors were very friendly and of helping nature. I had the liberty of asking help whenever it is needed by me. The services were done round the clock and it became more than home.

Here I should mention that I had a wonderful counselor, Mr. Shekhar Purandare, who really considered me as his brother and gave his valuable advices to overcome my problems. At the previous rehab center I was given 10 minutes to meet my wife that too in front of counselor only. All the way she had traveled 24 hours to see me. When my wife came to visit me I was so happy to see her and Muktangan gave me a wonderful opportunity of talking to my wife so freely and openly which I have not done in my past 22 years of marriage life. Really hats off to Muktangan. This experience was really enthralling and I could really hear about my wife’s expectation from my side.

My stay at Muktangan made a remarkable change in my personality paved the way for transforming my character defects. They Yoga classes and physical exercise classes made me physically fit. Apart from leaving alcohol, the center has helped me to learn punctuality, discipline, anger management, handling tense situations. When I came out of the center I really felt heavy that I am leaving a such wonderful place.

Even after coming out of the center, I had the opportunity to consume alcohol which I have bluntly refused. Now I am totally aware of the alcohol related problems and will never risk into that venture once again to make my life miserable. I already had enough out of it. Now Muktangan has given me the strength to say “NO” to alcohol. Whenever my mind thinks about alcohol, I immediately think about my stay at Muktangan which makes me to think reasonably.

I have assured my counselor that I would be attending my sobriety birthdays at Muktangan and praying god to give enough strength to achieve the same. My family members are supporting me and this makes me better and will think twice before doing any mistake.

Once again I thank everybody for giving me a helping hand exactly when it is needed.