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I was living in Mumbai near girgaon chaopati, whenever I passed by the beach I saw hippies doing drugs & the babas smoking charas in the temples of Balganga & Babulnath. When I saw them I was attracted towards their lifestyle. I then started smoking charas & drinking alcohol. After school I spent all my time doing drugs, during this I got a job in a milk centre in Worli where I siphoned rupees nine thousand to support my habit. When I was caught my father re paid this amount to save me.

Then I got a job on the deck labor board thru my uncle where I worked for 5 yrs during this period I got addicted to brown sugar & sleeping pills but I managed to hold my job. I tried to quit my drug habit & took treatment at Muktangan de addiction centre & Chedwada mental hospital 5 – 6 times from Anita Avchat but was unsuccessful. I was engulfed in my addiction for 20yrs during this period I took treatment in Masina Kothari & Sevadhan hospital. I was tired of my addiction cause of which my parents didn’t care for me I couldn’t marry and was not able to take any kind of responsibility at home. I also had a fear of losing my job. There was a scheme of voluntary retirement but I didn’t opt for it because I had a hope of getting rid of my habit. I took treatment in Parivartan de addiction centre, Surat but was unsuccessful.

When there was another voluntary retirement scheme introduced I took it. I took it & got a huge sum of money all of which I spent on my drugs. In the end I was homeless and spent two years of my life on the streets, begging & stealing. I was admitted to Rajkot civil hospital for a stomach operation & have 22 stitches. I was re admitted in Parivartan for treatment where I was diagnosed with TB.

I got the treatment of DOTS for TB. As my pension was not enough I got a job in DIC as a PEI and my free from addiction for the last two years. My relation with my family is improving I am also attached with Parivartan. I am now trying to help others who are suffering from this disease of addiction with the help of DIC.