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Teiso Teiso
I am Teiso, a recovering drug user. I have experienced lots of pain, loneliness, distrust, self–pity, frustration and despair due to my drug addiction. I had vowed many times to myself, my wife and family members that I would stop drug use but failed. I used to tell myself never to do things like the others addicts but failed all those things. I was lonely, frustrated, depressed and terrified of not knowing what to do or what will I become in future.

I tried a numbers of ways to stop my habits of drug use, geographical changes, home detoxification, substitute drug with alcohol but all my attempts went in vain. My best efforts were overpowered and I can still remember vividly the pain and suffering my wife went through because of me and I spent several nights in tears sitting alone in self–pity, shame, guilt, frustration, loneliness and angry with myself. Finally I decided to change, no matter what it took. That was the 'turning point' in my life.

With the help and support of my family members, I got admitted into “Bethesda Recovery Home” Dimapur, where I was nurtured, guided and led to the right path. When I first came into rehab my life was in dire straits (i.e. physically, mentally and spiritually) but with the love and concern I got from the Bethesda staff and my peers I started doing well. I started on the road of recovery, sobriety and serenity. I was also introduced to the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) programme which helped me keep a check on myself on regular basis after treatment.

Currently, I'm working as a volunteer in Community Awareness & Development Foundation (CAD Foundation), a community based organization which is being run by ex–drug users like me. I love working here because this is where I feel more secure and at the same time I can work with dignity with my own peers. I am now helping those friends who are in need of help and wants to quit drugs. It is entirely by the grace of god and with the help and support from my family members, counselors, recovering drug users and well wishers that I am free from drugs.