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Dwijen smart was an addict himself and he had lost everything in his life because of his addiction like family support as well was financially broken. 18yrs. Back when he had come to Pune he did not have slippers in his feet and not a single penny in his pocket, somehow he managed to take admission in a de-addiction center where after a few months he became a counselor.

Dwijen Smart

During this period he saw that most de-addiction center were charging fees for the admission of the addict and they had a canned treatment for all. They were basically running on either the grant from the government or the fees charged to their families. That was the time he thought “what about those addicts who has lost everything in life because of their addiction like finance & family support? Where should these people go for treatment? How can I help my fellow addicts in their recovery? Is canned treatment perfect for all the addicts?”

That’s when he started up a FREE de-addiction center in Pune, SANTULAN to begin with aimed for those addicts who has lost everything in their life and wants to get out of their addiction but were unable to do so because they had no money to pay for the treatment at most de-addiction centers.

When he started this center he did not have a single penny in his pocket to even register this NGO but the faith he had in GOD and the fellowship he successfully started this NGO which is absolutely a Free center where-in an addict can get treatment as well as he provided them with food clothes and shelter.

He thought that all the addicts are not the same and providing them with a common program was not enough hence after extensive research and counseling he designed a three step program (detoxification, cognitive therapy and vocational rehabilitation) for the addicts so that as per the issue of the addicts the therapy required was implemented.

After the successful establishment of the Free NGO the major concern he experienced was how to run the NGO as he was not receiving any grant from the government or any major organization hence he utilized the third step of his model Rehabilitation into effect where-in the people of Santulan worked together in contribution to run the NGO by supplying Tiffin service, if there were any electricians they used to take up electrical jobs, Painting works etc. by this not only Santulan was able to run but also the people were able to rehabilitate themselves and were able to take up responsibility and were able to stand up again in the society.

On June 11 2014, Santulan will be completing three successful years where-in at any given date approximately 30-35 people are able to take advantage of this therapy.