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He has worked in the field of De-addiction and other various fields since the past 18yrs with major organizations where he started working as a Counselor. He has counseled a lot of people who were in active addiction and help them in their path of recovery.

He was an active member of RRTC (Muktangan) in promoting the recovery part with the people from all around the world who had come down to India to learn about the de-addiction concept.

He has also been in a role of a Regional Support Person and has worked on international platforms such as UN ODC (United Nation Office for Drugs and Crime) for creating a program called Harm Reduction.

He has worked with the government of Andaman and Nicobar Islands as a programmer helping them in developing a De-addiction Centre for the people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

After working for many years he became a Trainer for the trainers in different fields such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists and counselors helping them in understanding the concept of De-addition and how to handle people during their active addiction and in their path of recovery.

He has been group therapists for different organizations working in different fields. He has also worked with the Pune Police department helping them in spreading the awareness in different communities, colleges, corporate societies and general public by organizing street plays and speeches depicting the life of a person during his active addiction and when he is in his path of his recovery.

He has dedicated his services also with different Multinational companies such as Sandwik and also with the railway police authorities in Pune and different localities in India.

After 16yrs of his dedicated service one day he had a vision and understood that people who are active addicts does not get the facilities provided as during their addiction as they are either disowned by their families or they do not have the support required to get out of their addiction as most of the De-addiction center’s charge fees for their services and as person who is on roads because of his addiction could not or did not have financial support.

Hence he came up with a Centre without any support from the government or major organizations named SANTULAN To Begin With, which is completely a free De-addiction Centre aimed for those addicts who are on roads because of their addiction. At Santulan he provides addicts not only with free medicines, clothes, food, accommodation and counseling but also help them in their path of recovery. He also provides vocational support and group counseling for the families of addicts in making them understand the disease concept and also how to handle the addicts as he has disease of physical as well as psychological issues.

Team Santulan is made up of psychiatrists, de-addiction counselors, peer educators and volunteers from all walks of life. The core team has an open minded approach to the disease of addiction; hence there are a plethora of therapies involved in treatment. Cognition based therapies are the back bone of the project which are complemented by art and music based therapies.

A team of psychologists fill in a Mental Status Evaluation form as part of the preliminary investigation into the psyche of the participants. A bio-psycho-social treatment model is then developed to suit individual needs. He strongly believes that addiction is not a moral deficiency but a treatable disease. Dwijen Smart has developed a unique treatment to help people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. The model consists of detoxification, cognitive therapies and vocational rehabilitation.

Mr. Dwijen Smart the director of Santulan has been a de-addiction counselor since the last 18 years and is very active in propagating awareness about ‘Addiction as a Disease’. He believes that integrating people suffering from alcohol and drug related problems into the mainstream of society, which is the best way to deal with this problem. Santulan is the brainchild of Mr. Dwijen Smart in promoting this model of vocational rehabilitation which has since been replicated by others.