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At Renaissance Therapy Center you, or your loved one, will receive an individualized treatment plan meeting all of your recovery needs and goals. The therapists at Renaissance are aware that there is no cookie cutter treatment technique that will help everyone; this is why they feel it is so important to provide individualized care and go beyond the minimum standards of care. The overall goal is to not only get clients sober but to teach them the tools needed to maintain their sobriety throughout their lives.

Renaissance Therapy Centern

India’s First and only De-addiction center that not only caters to de-addiction but also to the Rehabilitation of the addict, started (founded) on 1st December 2012 at Yerwada under the supervision (guidance) of (well-renowned) one of the best and known counselor Mr. Dwijen Smart.

Renaissance caters to addicts who are in (desperate) need and provides them with all the help required to stay away from their addiction. It not only helps them in detoxification but also helps them in their rehabilitation by consulting (experts), and counseling their family members and deciding about their future and financial (mental) stability. (Preliminary investigation is initiated by a team of expert psychologists by carrying out a Mental Status Evaluation of the psyche of the participant)

A team of psychologists fill in a Mental Status Evaluation form as part of the preliminary investigation into the psyche of the participants. A bio-psycho-social treatment model is then developed to suit individual needs. We don’t believe in dumping people for their addiction or abuse as we believe that addiction is a mental disease which can be taken care of (overcome) with proper counseling and understanding the addict’s mental stability. During this period is the psychologist’s and the team of counselors carry on an individualized counseling with the addict and separate counseling’s for their family members, where in they try to understand the exact reason of the person going back to his addiction and after the investigation they bring the person and their families on a common ground so that the issue can be resolved.

Renaissance also strongly believes in vocational rehabilitation of the recovering addict where in in front of their family members they do put an option of the addicts strong and financial recovery by searching for jobs in their fields and sending them at work wherein renaissance believes that if initially the recovering addict for a few months is able to face the reality of world and is able to survive on the finances he would be mentally more stable to continue with his recovery as during that period the family who had lost trust on him also starts gaining trust and starts accepting him. The recovering addict during his recovery has been completely disowned and because of his addiction has normally been mentally tortured but with this Vocational Rehabilitation program he does not feel completely isolated and does not go into the remorse mode when he is discharged as he has already been showing a good response in his recovery.